The Mission Thus Far

Due to the nature of our ministry here, there are things we can’t talk about publicly.  And that’s sad because we want you to know how to pray for us, for our DR co-laborers and for the kids we’re here to minister to.

What I can tell you is that we’ve had the opportunity to see some first-hand results.  My heart has latched onto one precious girl in particular that I am able to see each day.  Even though I haven’t had the opportunity to hear her story, I know why she’s here.  And I get to see her sweet smile each morning.  The joy and hope in her eyes.  And I often think about how different her life could have been.  How different it was.

I marvel at the incredible love of our Lord, who has such power to transform a broken soul.  We’ve faced some brutal spiritual attacks in the three long weeks we’ve been here.  And if not for the evidence of God’s hand at work, the immeasurable hope that is so prevalent in the eyes of our girls, I don’t know if I would have the strength to carry on.  But God has the power to transform our souls as well.  He gave me this sweet girl to see every morning, in order that I might draw strength from her titanic faith.  If she can thrive after the life that was forced upon her, who am I to surrender to my comparatively small struggles?

We are on the front lines of a great battle.  The enemy does not want us here.  He is clever and deceitful, the father of lies.  But he cannot stand against the awesome power of Christ.  He will lose.  One rescue at a time.  One redeemed life at a time.  Thank you, Lord, for the daily reminder that we have already won.  You have won.


  1. I love hearing from you and about this girl’s titanic faith and God’s awesome power. I am lifting you up this morning and for the rescued girls to be rescued for good.

  2. Don’t worry about how we can pray for you. The Lord will take our prayers and apply them where needed. We are praying for you all and it is a privilege!

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