Taste of Thai #1

This last year has taught us more about how God works miracles more than any other time in our lives.  But having a history of being amazed by Him doesn’t stop us from being surprised at times.

We set a date for our very first Taste of Thai way back in June.  At this point we knew our church was under construction and the assumption was that there would be a nice big kitchen to work with by August 16.  Of course, construction delays are inevitable and we realized by the first of August that there was no way there would be any kitchen to work with at all.  So we called on an event center across the street for help, and they generously agreed to let us use their apartment kitchen, which had slightly more room than the kitchenette in their event center.

Then Monday came.  The day before the big event.  We’d created a Facebook group to get an idea of how many people would be coming out for the dinner and had a response of maybe 20 or so.  I’d contacted as many as possible to ask the size of their party and it looked like the real number was closer to 50.   While I had hoped to spend the entire day devoted to working on the event, we also cooked dinner for 18 on Monday evening.  (Sometimes timing of events doesn’t work well.)

Monday night.  Suddenly the number exploded.  This is probably typical for events, but we’d never held an event of this type before.  As the numbers climbed higher and higher all I could think was, How in the world is our team going to cook for over 100 people on four tiny burners?

Tuesday morning.  I got a call, early, from Ethan’s cousin’s wife Flo.   She was the real miracle worker in this event.  Somehow she had secured a commercial kitchen for us at 6:30 a.m.  We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Moon’s Kitchen Cafe for lending us their kitchen, some of their staff, and even offering cooking advice.  If you’re a local, please drop in and support this wonderful family!

The day was a blur of setting up tables, preparing a room for the kids, decorating, and last-minute errands.  Across town, our cooking team was laboring away in the commercial kitchen.  The air conditioning had gone out for the cooks, so it even felt a bit like cooking in Thailand!

Before we knew it, people started arriving.

Our cooks and servers, working to feed the crowd.


Introductions, with all of the construction behind me.



The kids all playing in one big room.  Big thanks to the wonderful volunteers who kept them busy!



Cousins being silly.



A dear friend of mine from high school created a display to share the story of what our beneficiaries lives look like before, during, and after being rescued from the brothels.  A close-up of one of the pictures …


All in all it was a memorable night.  The final count served came to almost 150 people.  God was in the details, as always.  We loved being able to share our hearts for this ministry and see so many friends who are alongside us in this fight to free children.  Thanks to all who were able to come out!

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