Stitches and Itches

Trouble always comes in threes.  Does anyone else find that to be true?  We’ve had an interested last few weeks.  Our first “trouble” was an unexpected move across town.  There’s enough detail there for a post on that alone, and will be coming shortly.  But while we were in the midst of moving, we had two separate incidents which were almost enough to make this mama lose her marbles.

It was a Thursday evening, after lights out for the kids.  Ethan was doing some late night work and I had just settled down to sleep when I heard, “Mom, we have an emergency.”

No parent wants to hear that, but at least the voice coming from the other side of the door was calm.  I opened it a crack to see Spunky Q. on the other side.  She started to explain, “I went down for a drink of water, and coming out of the dining room I tripped going up the stairs . . .”

(Apologies for the graphic picture.)

She’d hit her knee pretty hard, and had sliced it clean across.

So we made a late-night trip to the hospital, a destination which always brings about a chance to practice patience.  Two and a half hours and four stitches later, we came home.

Two nights passed without incident, then late one night, “Mom, can I open the door?”

This child, who would rather stay anonymous, came in with a look of immense distress in her eyes.  “I think I have lice.”


She did, and so did one of the other girls.  So it was several days of special shampoo, olive oil and combing treatments, stripping all bedding and towels and washing them, and everyone in the house feeling itchy.  (Most of us due to just the thought of lice, rather than the actual lice.)

We couldn’t figure out where she had picked up lice, until we remembered she had been doing village ministry that weekend.  She’d had tons of little ones sit on her lap, precious kiddos who live in a pretty hard situation.  (Another post for another day.)  We suspect that may have been where she picked it up.

Thankfully, the knee is healing and the lice have been eradicated.  Moving in is almost complete and we are so happy to be past the week of stitches and itches.




  1. Oh no! That sounds like a very hard week indeed. Prayers going up that there is less trauma and stress in the weeks to come.

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