Painting Lauburus

God always gives us the neatest opportunities when we ask.  I was looking for a way to earn a little extra money towards our trip . . . something besides (or in addition to)  selling everything we own.  We have some close friends who own a thriving sign business.  They are preparing for an upcoming Basque festival, called Jaialdi, here in the Treasure Valley.



So I asked if they needed any extra help preparing, and I now have a stack of wood waiting for some hand-painted Lauburus.  What’s a Lauburu, you may ask?



A Lauburu, or Basque cross, is a symbol of the Basque country and the Basque people.  It’s generally used as a symbol of prosperity.


This is one of the many beautiful signs our friends have produced.  I wish them the best of luck selling at their first Jaialdi!  Thanks for giving me a creative outlet in between the packing and cleaning.  Love you guys!



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