How Is It Possible?

Our last few weeks since arriving in Thailand have been filled with so much joy.  Multiple times I’ve paused to thank God throughout the day for the joy he has given us.  Some recent moments included watching the kids on our morning walk, each of them such an individual expressing themselves in their own way.  (Spunky riding a bike without holding the handlebars, Giggles dreaming as she gazed at the pineapple fields, Bubba tearing down the road pushing a wheelbarrow full of stuffed animals, and Calico scooting along on her toy car.)  Listening as my husband lovingly guides our family through a devotional on Proverbs each and every morning.  Moments serving Thai-style spaghetti to our family of eight and hearing a child’s sweet mealtime prayer.  Times like this are filled with a wonder that God truly has brought me to a place where “my cup runneth over”.  (Psalm 23:5)  Times like this I wonder, how is this deep, long-lasting feeling of joy possible?

Today I was looking for something specific on Pinterest when a saying caught my eye.

What truth!  And yet it’s so hard to make the time every day.  As a couple of adults who asked Jesus into our hearts as young children and grew up in the church, you’d think we’d have no troubles with this.  Yet it’s a daily laying down of our own desires.  A daily decision to wake up when the alarm goes off and seek that time with our heavenly father.

We feel that not only do things fall into the proper place, but God fills us with joy when we devote the first part of our waking hours to him.  Does this mean that we personally have no troubles?  No, not at all.  In fact, later this week we’ll be sharing about an enormous challenge that we are facing right now.  But we are not overcome by these challenges when we seek his words and wisdom before all else.  We can’t encourage people enough to get in the Word and study as spouses, together.  The trials will still come, but God’s grace and mercy can fill you with joy as you walk through each one.

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