Half-Birthday Memories

When Ethan and I were young and married and the girls were tiny, we were lucky to have an older couple in our lives who were a great example to us of the kind of parents we wanted to be.  They had us over for dinner one night and we were blown away by the sweetness, intelligence, and maturity of their three daughters.  We had many discussions about homeschooling and parenting, and among the ideas we stole from them was that mom would plan birthdays, but half-birthdays meant a special date with dad.

Since that point, the girls have always had a tiny celebration on their half-birthdays.  They dress up nicely and go grab a special drink or ice cream and tell Ethan all about their current dreams and thoughts on . . . everything!


Calico was so excited for her date with Dad she ran straight for him as soon as he was home from work.



The outing included a joint coloring project.


As happy as it makes me as a mom to see our girls loved and treasured by their daddy, once I look outside our home my heart breaks for the abundance of little girls who don’t have that.  A dear friend here is teaching a new class with our girls in the learning center, and as a way to introduce her class she shared a little bit about her life with the girls.   While looking at her pictures, one of the young teens said, “You have such a beautiful life; not like mine.  My parents gave me away when I was two.”

It’s hard to fathom parents giving away or selling their children, but the problem is all too common here.  As a family we’ve determined to open our arms to as many of them as possible.  We want to walk beside them; teaching them that Jesus is their strength and salvation.  We want them to see a healthy and loving family, and give them hope for their futures.






  1. I couldn’t be more proud of my nephew Ethan and his sweet wife Kimberly! Having lived in Thailand and the Philippines in the past, I know how tiring just the regular chores of everyday life can be when the entire system is so different than in the States., Then on top of all that they are sharing in Jesus burden for these hurting children.

    We are praying for you guys! Thanks for your incredible sacrifice and acts of obedience to the Master.

    Love, Uncle Ted & Aunt Debbie

    PS. I love the half-birthday idea. Might see if my grown up daughter is interested in going out with an old geezer. 🙂

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