Gorgeous Art Series to Benefit WOA

We were blessed to have a local Idaho artist, Jenifer Rold, give of her time and talent to create a series that features the life of many of our girls in Destiny Rescue.


First in the series, “Life In a Thai Village,” features three girls growing up in a hill tribe village.




After our girls are sold into slavery, their life becomes drastically different.  The second piece in the series, entitled “Slavery” depicts these same girls as they are forced to work in the brothels.




When our girls are rescued from human sex trafficking, they go through a long process of healing and learning to integrate into society again.  The third image in the series is based on the foot washing ceremony that we do when our girls graduate from the first stage of reintegration; their basic studies in the learning center.  Their teachers, counselors, rescue agents, and caseworkers come to celebrate their progress and wash their feet as Jesus washed his apostles feet.



Last in the series, the piece entitled “Freedom,” doesn’t need much explanation.  The same three girls have been set free by the healing power of Jesus and are able to dream again!

The artist has the originals for sale on her site, as well as 8 x 10 prints.  These pictures don’t do the paintings justice; the colors are just beautiful.  All proceeds go to support our family’s work to bring more kids out of trafficking.  Here is the link if you are interested in purchasing a print or an original:

Echo Arts Studio

Thank you for your continued support of our family!



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