But What About Christmas?

While packing up our house, it was inevitable that we would find some things that would give us pause. Things like Christmas decorations. Ornaments, stockings, twinkly lights and singing animals.


Some of Spunky's favorites.
Some of Spunky’s favorites.


Yesterday we came across the kids’ personal ornament collections. Everything from Baby’s First Christmas to a tiny ballerina that was given to Giggles the year she was an angel in the Nutcracker.


And then there was the question I had been waiting for. What are we going to do about Christmas in Thailand?


So we talked as we packed. We talked about the smell of evergreen trees and gingerbread cookies. About caroling with friends and making salt dough ornaments. And snow! The first snow. Snow forts. Sledding. And then it hit me, maybe for the first time: my kids are far more resilient than I was giving them credit for. They don’t need us to bring every bit of Christmas memories in our suitcases, they just need to know that it will be here when we get back.


And I’m so grateful God gives peace not just to Ethan and I, but to our kids as well.  It may not always be easy, but we have Him and we have each other.  And maybe . . . maybe we’ll even light up a banana tree this year.

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