And Then There Were Eight

I grew up in a small-ish family: Dad, Mom, one sibling.  When I met my husband’s family it was a little like a scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  I was overwhelmed, but I liked it.


We became parents in 2003, in our third year of marriage.  Our oldest quickly picked up the nickname of Spunky Quagmire for reasons unknown.  We knew immediately that we wanted more kids.


2004 followed, and with it came Giggles.  She is 22 months younger than our oldest and they love sister time.  She was followed all-too-quickly by Bubba, in the summer of 2006.


Three kids three and under!  It was a glorious time of lost sleep, first steps, and baby toys everywhere the eye could see.


In 2008 we learned we were expecting another boy.  “What a perfect family!” was the comment we heard over and over.  “Two girls, two boys . . . . just perfect.”  And it was in my eyes.  On August 19th, our baby boy went home to be with Jesus.  It took me a very long time to come to terms with the fact that “perfect” did not have to mean two girls and two boys.  “Perfect” families come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Our sweet Calico was born in 2010 and completely filled in the chairs at our dining room table.  (Oh, and she was sitting at that table in her Bumbo chair just as soon as she could, even when all we could see was the fuzzy top of her head showing above the table!)  Since 2010 it has been the six of us, living and growing together.


In this last month we’ve added two new family members.  First came Miss Kaneda, our live-in aide to Bubba.  What a girl!  She’s raising her own funding to come serve our family as we serve with Destiny Rescue.


Hanging at the bowling alley with Spunky and Giggles.
Hanging at the bowling alley with Spunky and Giggles.


The next member of our family is Greta.  She’s 120 lbs. and lives to work.  Meet our new service dog:


Greta Girl
Greta Girl


So yeah, we are a going to be a bit of a circus act in Thailand.  Seven farangs and a beast of a dog.  I can’t even imagine.  I’ll write more in an upcoming post about Greta’s duties and how she works with Bubba.  But for now, that’s our family.  Big, crazy, very not-perfect . . .  and we love it!

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