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This post was originally released on our Wheels Over Asia Facebook page on January 19th.  Sharing it here in case anyone missed it.  🙂

Today is a big moment for our family. God has been doing some amazing things and opening new doors for continuing our ministry in the fight against child sex trafficking. Part of that new ministry includes working with a newly-formed aftercare project in Chiang Mai called Alpha Renew, which will be helping trafficking survivors in their long-term recovery and discipleship.

So today was big because I just transferred our first support payment to this awesome new project. Right now we only have enough to cover the salary for our Thai partner (the founder of Alpha Renew), but it’s a start! We are thankful for the generosity of a Boise supporter who jumped in early to helped us with this. This is a tough transitional time for us and for our partner, but God is so faithful! She will not have to worry about paying her personal bills for the next couple of months at least. This buys us some time to continue working through the registration and startup process.

We are also eternally thankful for all of our family’s faithful supporters, who continue to partner with us through this less-than-perfect time of transition. Because of your faithfulness, we are able to pass on 100% of the donation that came in for Alpha Renew. And even when the future is uncertain, we are confident that the Lord will never fail us. His provision is perfect, and we have no need to worry no matter how little sense it makes sometimes from a human perspective! (Matthew 6:25-34)

There is so much to do and we are honestly a bit overwhelmed at the moment, but we hope to have more detailed information on everything we are doing very soon. In the interim, if anyone wants to know more about Alpha Renew or the direction our family is going right now, please don’t hesitate to PM Kimberly or Ethan, or leave a message on our Wheels Over Asia FB Page.

For anyone who wishes to help support Alpha Renew as we continue to move toward registration and our goal of working with survivors by the first of April, you may use the following link for giving. 100% of what we receive for Alpha Renew’s registration will go directly to the project (minus any unavoidable foreign transaction fees).…/alpha-renew-registration

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